The masks we wear

The masks we wear.

There is a movie out there called The Mask, many of you probably have heard of it or seen it. In it an unassuming Stanley Ipkiss finds a mask that gives him the ability to be outrageously flamboyant and take risks that he as himself would never take without the mask. The crazy thing is; once he gets rid of the mask, some of that care free attitude sticks around, and I think we all do this to a smaller scale.

Remember the times when you’ve put your best self forward to impress somebody, whether that be in an interview, on a date, or even a ramdom stranger? Why do we do this? Why do we act our best or put on a mask of sophistication to impress another person?  I think there are multiple motives for this, and there are multiple different masks people wear depending on what they want to portray.

I would like to challenge us to be very mindful of what kind of mask we are putting on, because that mask could influence how others see us, as well as shape who we become.

So, we can use this knowledge to our advantage. We can choose what our mask looks like and how we want to be portrayed. And by putting on a mask of our future selves; who we want to be and who we want to be known for. Then when we take off the mask years later we will see no difference, because we have become the person we wished we were when we first put the mask on.


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