Living on purpose 

In this current culture, are you living in a way that reflects on who you want to be known for? 

In today’s culture we see personal information shared all over the place, and it’s getting easier to do so. Just pick one or two social media sites (or use all of them if you want) to tell all of the Internet whatever you want about yourself.
The problem I have with this is; we get this elusion that we know people that we admire on the Internet because they share so much stuff online. 
Don’t get me wrong, because their lives are so public we do know a lot about them, from what they ate that day or what they wore, to their relationship statis and where they stand on politics or religion. Anything and everything is permitted to be talked about! 

But I want to question that. I don’t know about you or your friend circles, but what I’ve noticed is there are things in everyones lives that they keep private, hidden vulnerabilities that we never talk about. We put up this persona that the world sees, but is that really who you want to be perceived as? Is the person you’re portraying yourself as the real parts of you that you want to be known for?
Because of this, I have decided to keep other things private; my name, appearance, exact age, and where I live. 
My hopes in doing this are to give myself the freedom of sharing my personal experiences and opinions that I fear people knowing, and to encourage you to live your life on purpose, choosing to share things with other people that let you be who you were ment to be and not feel alone getting there. 

Because like you and everyone else, I fear judgment, and want to be known for who I  really am. 


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